The Intuitive Sense


The Intuitive Sense is born of a desire to help people feel seen and understood beyond their physical bodies. 

  • I know we have the capacity to sense beyond the physical and use our intuition as our guide and ally in healing our mind, body and soul.

  • I know that connection is our most sustaining life force and a requirement in order to thrive.

  • I know our unfelt pain acts as a lens which distorts our ability to see things clearly.

  • I know that radical empathy is a pathway to healing the separation in our world.

  • I know that being seen as who you truly are starts a pathway back to yourself which you are worthy of walking.

My background

Hi, I'm Lauren

I have a Bachelor of Science from Dalhousie University and a Masters in Psychology from Columbia University. I am a reiki practitioner as well as a certified yoga instructor. I have combined my education and life experience to create a space where people can be seen in the totality of who they are.‚Äč

From a young age I have been fascinated with human behaviour as well as how we influence one another. This lead me into biology, psychology and ultimately into spirituality. My continual takeaway from my traditional studies was how we cannot fit people into a textbook. From here I decided to stray from the traditional route of psychology with the hopes of being able to add a different perspective to the mix. 

I work with clients from the lens of energy and intuition. I senses my clients and let the wisdom of what lives in you guide our session. 

I believe people's energy holds their personal key to healing, each human comes with an compendium of personalized wisdom. It is just a matter of quieting the mind, stepping out of the way and learning to listen with the heart.

I live in beautiful Baja Mexico with my family.

Majority of my work is done online.