"Our deepest pain casts the largest shadow" - LC

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Intuitive Counsel

Reconnect To You

In a session I will remain open to intuitively sensing you, together we will discover your patterns, examine blocks and use emotional expression to guide us into your truth. We are co-creators.

Cost $125 for 75 minutes

Intuitive Parenting

Seeing yourself so you can see your child

During intuitive parenting we will explore the dynamics in the space between you and your child. We will also examine how you have been seen in your life and how that blocks you from being able to see your child. This is also a service for parents of intuitive/sensitive children.

Cost $125 for 75 minutes 


Honing in on your personal gifts

This service is designed for people who are working in positions of service. If you experience intuition and want to learn how to work with it, or if you want to strengthen your intuitive gifts this session is for you. 

Cost $125 for 75 minutes


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