Density and Distortion

Feb 01, 2021

I don't have much clarity these days.

Just a tainted lens, that I'm tired of looking through.

I see you, but do I really see you, or do I simply see a fragmented version 


who I wish to be


who I don't wish to be


who you wish to be


who your parents wished to see


who you used to be


who you wish me to be


who you wish me to see


are you with me?

You see, the way you see me depends on how you are seen.

We birth density and begin to distort its reality.

We're moldable you know or do you see.

From birth and beyond

we shape density

with beliefs and reality.

We're moldable you know.

We can change the way we wish to see

our distortions


our reality.

What do you see?


The complexities of perception

The 3rd eye energy centre is responsible for our perception and it is  the one most subject to distortion. Observing how impressionable children are shows us this chakra at work. If you want to learn more, read accounts from Waco Texas or child soldiers, warning the content can be disruptive. Our desire to belong inside of community is woven into our DNA, acceptance meant survival, rejection was a likely death sentence.

From a young age we desire to understand our place in the world. We seek safety and connection from the very beginning. Our caregivers perceptions are incredibly influential and I am not sure we give them enough weight and importance. We mindlessly pass on our beliefs conscious and unconscious to our children. We uphold those beliefs when they are questioned by our children and sometimes reject them when they see something differently than us. This actually runs both ways, caregiver to child and child to caregiver, rejection can come when others have different beliefs than us. I am both a child and a mother, I can now see both sides and have begun to see the weight which lives inside this authority. 

Recently, I have been examining how my "intuition" can become distorted and well, if we go back to the 3rd eye, it is responsible for all, intuition, perception and distortion. Now I am going to speak for myself here because I am the one person I know the best and still may not even see myself clearly. A potential crux of the human experience. 

When I am emotional, my perception becomes clouded. I see through the lens of my pain and the memories associated with this content begin to create distortion. Once this happens, I have lost an ability to see them clearly. In this moment the person triggering the emotional memory are not only themselves they are also, every painful aspect of that emotional memory. In walks projection, I begin to state my experience as if it should be important to them or more dangerously, I begin to paint them into the same picture as these memories. They become another source of a story in my head and from there I can begin to justify any further action I take. The break down has occurred. 

The complexity lies in how the perceptual paradigm we have created in our head is there to help us understand the world. We categorize to create meaning, purpose and understanding. This world view we create is a necessary part of development, it is an important part of learning to interact with other people, learning where we safe, finding our tribe etc. Now lets think about the ways our perception is created. We are told, taught, shown, guided, molded, mirrored, nurtured, beaten, berated and accepted into the humans we are. 

Take a moment and think about how you were raised, parents, grandparents, caregivers, school, peers, environment, media etc. 

Did you experience any trauma?

Were you seen as who you truly are?

Do you know who you truly are?

Were you raised in dogma, fear, other peoples distortions, were you oppressed, suppressed, separated from, rejected, shamed, guilted, were you loved and accepted, for what parts of you? etc.

All of these experiences get logged into our conscious and unconscious programmings, from there, we interact the world and unfortunately we seek to validate our paradigm instead of invalidating it. As we continue forward in our lives we begin to bump up against the belief sets which are out of alignment with our true selves, so we see these dissonant beliefs over and over again. This happens through repeat experiences and exposure, it shows that something is attempting to be "worked out."

Our response to them?

Well here comes the power of the 3rd eye chakra. We have choice in how we view things. Now, I know this is complex and it asks us to be really brave, but come on, the world really needs it.

In choice we have the power to look at our perception and begin to take down the beliefs which block our ability to see ourselves in another. Or we have the choice to double down on our beliefs and uphold them, through using the same experiences we were raised in (fear, dogma, shame, guilt, acceptance for certain behaviours etc).

If we choose the former, we must be willing to feel greatly and be vulnerable. Seek out spaces where you feel seen. Start there. Be gentle with yourself, you developed this paradigm for a reason. 

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