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Guidance for your inner knowing

Serenity Studio

Together we will strengthen the pathway back to your inner knowing and reinforce the edges around your sense of self. Take a journey to deepen connection and purpose.

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Paths to explore:

Human Intimacy

One on one service.

Gateway to the self.

Three points of intimacy.

Intimacy with the self, with another and with the divine. Each of these points of connection offer us an opportunity to deepen our human experience. Together we will bring awareness and begin to deconstruct your emotional patterning, align you into your essence and activate your intuitive sense.

Cost $150/ 75min

Email to schedule: [email protected]

Moon Commune

Group offering. 

Divine alignment.

Practice intuition.

Together work with the astrological activation of the full moon and new moon, in general as well as its specific activation in your chart. Each lunar cycle offers an opportunity to shake off old patterns and align into your ideal expression of yourself. Includes a group call, meditations, journal prompts and an embodiment practice.

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From my heart to yours!

Hi! I’m Lauren, a therapeutic intuitive and intimacy specialist. I help clients come home to their essence, strengthen their intuition and deepen connection with themselves, one another and the divine. 

For sovereignty and strength. 

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We utilize the astrological axis of the moon to clear stagnant emotion and align into ourselves. The moon moves the water on the earth and inside us. We can utilize its ebb and flow to process and release what is no longer serving us. 


28 Days


Per lunar cycle (full to new moon)

  • Meditations to tune into the moon
  • Learn your astrology
  • Online community
  • Embodiment practices
  • 1 group call to close out the cycle
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